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Sharon Dean - Pilates Instructor

Treehouse Fitness Pilates classes are fun, functional, and designed to strengthen your entire body. Whether you’re 19 or 91, expect to feel seen and supported as you move through low-impact mat-based practices that offer amazing benefits.

With Pilates, you can increase physical strength, develop flexibility and balance, improve posture, and recover from injuries—all while enhancing mental awareness and building a positive mindset.


We offer new playlists at every class to keep you in the groove, as well as dog-friendly sessions for those keen to share a workout with our four-legged friends.

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“How happy, joyous and kind you are. You are an amazing teacher because you are just pure love.”

- Michelle C

Our Classes

Pawsome Pilates

6:30am Tuesdays (outside school holidays)

Ed Hardy Park, Miami

(next to North Burleigh Surf Club)

Pawsome Pilates is designed to boost endorphins and get tails wagging, while giving you a chance to work out with your pooch.


Private Classes

Private 1:1

Private Group


Elevate your wellbeing as you practice in the comfort of your own home or workplace.

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Pawsome Pilates

Dog-Friendly Fitness!


6:30am Tuesdays (outside school holidays) 


Ed Hardy Park, Miami (next to North Burleigh Surf Club)


$5 cash

Pawsome Pilates is designed to boost endorphins and get tails wagging, while giving you a chance to work out with your pooch.


Join us for an invigorating mat-based class that will build strength and stability as you plank with your Pug or balance with your Beagle.

Each 45-minute session will culminate with a soothing stretch and guided relaxation, ensuring a rejuvenating experience for both you and your canine companion.


Naturally, you’ll be doing most of the hard work. Meanwhile, our four-legged friends will be the bystanders and occasional casual participants who perhaps assist us as living weights during exercises, or as snuggle buddies in relaxation!


Bring a yoga or Pilates mat (note that a Pilates mat is typically a bit thicker than a traditional yoga mat, and will help cushion pressure points), a bottle of water, and your best bud (on a lead).


No pup? No problem! Simply join us for a fun-filled class and make some new (furry!) friends along the way.

$3 Coffee Voucher!

Score a $3 medium coffee voucher after class, with love from our friends at Nectar Espresso. This beachfront coffee haven rolls out the mat for everyone—especially our Pilates-loving pooches!

Private and Group Classes

Elevate your wellbeing as you practice with Sharon in the comfort of your own home or workplace. Experience the power of customised mindful movement with highly individual teaching and a personal commitment to transforming stress into relief, weakness into strength, stiffness into flexibility, and tension into relaxation.


Private 1:1

Practice in the comfort of your own home! Book individual Pilates, yoga, meditation or breath work sessions (or a combo of any of those practices)

with Treehouse Fitness.

We provide customised classes to suit your wellbeing needs and timelines.

45 Mins -  $90

1 Hour - $110


Private Group (4+ People)

Enjoy a private group class with friends or family members of all ages, backgrounds and fitness levels.

Choose from Pilates, yoga, meditation and breathwork, or even a combo of all four modalities.

Treehouse Fitness will ensure you have a fun, safe and rejuvenating session that caters to your group's goals and intentions.

45 Mins -  $25pp

1 Hour - $30pp



Explore a variety of customised practices that align with your team’s needs. Unwind, recharge, and rejuvenate your workplace like never before.

Enjoy any combo of Pilates, yoga, meditation, breathwork and relaxation, leaving your colleagues more bonded, revitalised, and prepared to tackle any obstacle together.

Up to 10 employees - $180.00
Up to 20 employees - $220.00
Larger groups - $250.00

My Story

Hi! I'm Sharon.

Since discovering the transformative power of Pilates, my goal has been to empower others by helping them embrace the benefits of a regular practice.

For two years, I led community yoga classes across the southern Gold Coast, offering both indoor and outdoor Vinyasa sessions. It became clear to me during this period that many participants were grappling with persistent back pain. With a vague understanding of Pilates' potential for strengthening the core and enhancing stability, I decided to pursue Pilates teacher training at the Essence of Living Academy under the expert guidance of Michelle Cassidy. I figured that once I completed the training, I could integrate Pilates-style exercises into my yoga classes.

But my journey took an unexpected turn. As I personally experienced the remarkable therapeutic advantages of a sustained Pilates practice, I shifted my focus from teaching yoga to teaching Slow Pilates classes. These classes prioritise functional movement and provide a gentler impact on the body.

So here I am, coming full circle, presenting Treehouse Fitness Pilates classes tailored to offer immense benefits to the very students who motivated me to embark on Pilates teacher training in the first place.

Passionate about animal-assisted healing, I also adore hopping on the mat with my Chihuahua buddy Pablo. This four-legged love bug inspires me with postures such as downward-facing dog and puppy pose, and is always up for a cozy snuggle during mediation and relaxation sessions.

Sharon and Pablo.jpg

Get in touch

To book a private class or to find out more about Treehouse Fitness, give us a ring or shoot through a message.


0416 821 173


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